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Directed by Sam Smith

Dates: 16th to 19th October 2019

Venue: St. Mary’s Centre, Church Street, Clitheroe.

Ticket Price: £9


Mavis – Sue Chadwick
Mrs Fraser – Geralyn Lambert
Lynne – Jenny Whiteside
Dorothy – Lesley Haworth
Maxine – Wendy Watson
Andy – Lisa Richardson
Geoffrey – Robert Crane
Sylvia – Kelly Steed
Rose – Steph Zak
Vera – Jean Croft


Stepping Out is a warm and very funny play about the lives, laughs and loves of a group of women (and one man) attending a weekly tap-dance class in a dingy North London church hall. There is ex-professional dancer, Mavis, who runs the class: cheerfully overweight Sylvia: Andy, a plain do-gooder with no confidence; snobby, but well-meaning Vera; timid Dorothy who works in Social Security; Maxine, attractive, sharp and very shrewd; nurse, Lynne; outgoing Rose; Geoffrey, the lone male and Mrs Fraser, the pianist. As the play progresses, the class’s dancing improves to such an extent that by the climax, a grand charity show performance, they have been transformed into triumphant tappers, worthy of any chorus line.