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By Derek Benfield

Directed by Lesley Haworth

Dates: Wednesday 25th May to Saturday 28th May 2022
Times: Wednesday to Friday Performances at 7.30pm
Saturday Performance at 2.15pm

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Set in the Lounge Bar of the Hook House Hotel. The plot centres around two crooks, Fred Baxter and Charlie Mullins who have sprung Harold Spook from prison, so that he can lead them to a suitcase full of money, which he hid at the Hotel; unfortunately, they have the wrong man. Add to this Hotel owner, Major Catchpole, who is more interested in his animals than the hotel; Norah, his amorous wife, who chases all the male guests, but has a particular fancy for Harold, whom she pursues relentlessly; her sister Edna, who is employed as a cleaner, but steps into any role thrown at her. Then there are guests Mrs Fletcher-Brewer JP and her daughter Carol, who are enjoying a quiet country holiday. Finally, more chaos is added when Polly, and her elderly, hard of hearing father, Mr Parkinson, arrive at the hotel.

Norah Catchpole – Sue Paramore
Edna – Kelly Steed
Major Catchpole – Peter Lambert
Fred Baxter – Matt Haworth
Charlie Mullins – Joe Kitching
Harold Spook – Daryl Dewhurst
Mrs Fletcher-Brewer – Geralyn Lambert
Carol Fletcher-Brewer – Sophie Zak
Polly – Sam Smith
Mr Parkingson – Barry Phillips