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The Rules of the Society

  1. The Society shall be called the Clitheroe Parish Church Amateur Operatic and Dramatic Society.
  2. The object of the Society, shall be to stage Operatic and Dramatic productions for Entertainment and to further the social life of the Parish and the surrounding Ribble Valley area. In the event of the Society being   wound up, any balance of funds shall be returned to the PCC funds.
  3. The Society shall be managed by a President (who shall be the Vicar) and a Committee, all of whom must be fully paid up members, consisting of the following ex-officio officers elected at the Annual General Meeting: Chairperson (elected for 3 years), Secretary, Treasurer, Box Office, Publicity, House Manager, Wardrobe Manager, Programme Coordinator, together with 4 other members and elected by the Committee for any given production: Producer, Musical Director, Choreographer, Stage Manager; and 2 Church Wardens.
    A Chair elect will be appointed at the AGM prior to the final year of the Chairpersons 3-year term.
  4. Membership of the Society shall be open to all, but the Committee reserves the right to refuse or terminate membership if necessary. All people wishing to take part in any production must be paid up members of the Society. The annual subscription shall be determined by the Committee and payable by 30 November each year.
  5. The Annual General Meeting shall be held within six weeks of the year end 31 March, when the accounts for the past year, duly audited, shall be presented, Committee members elected, and all general business transacted.
  6. The Committee shall select the title of the next Operatic production and dates on which it is to be presented.
  7. An Auditioning Committee consisting of Producer, Musical Director, Choreographer and 2 others elected at the Annual General Meeting shall, after auditioning, present a cast list to the full Committee. This list shall not be published until the Committee has been informed.  If the person being auditioned is unable to be present the night of the auditions, that person must arrange another audition subject to the discretion of the Auditioning Committee.  All persons attending auditions will be contacted by telephone to be given the result of their Audition. Non-members will be asked for a non-returnable £5.00 auditioning fee, and upon being given the part or continuing to take part in that production, the full membership fee, minus this £5.00, must be paid. Anyone invited to audition from outside the Society will pay the full membership fee when a part is offered and accepted. Any member who wishes to audition for a part, should not be sitting on the Auditioning Committee when other members are auditioning for that part. If Chorus auditions are required then these should be done on the Tuesday following the principal auditions, before the Director, Choreographer and M.D., with the results announced on the same night, by means of a phone call, by the Secretary and/or another member(s) of the committee, but not a member of the auditioning panel.
  8. Acting members shall to the best of their ability, play the parts assigned to them whether principal or chorus. Acting members absenting themselves from three consecutive rehearsals without adequate cause may at the discretion of the Committee be deemed to have resigned their parts.
  9. The Dramatic Section shall submit to the Committee, for approval, the title of the next dramatic production and the dates on which it is to be presented.
  10. Committee meetings shall be held as the need arises and at least 7 days notice shall be given.  A quorum shall consist of not less than eight persons. All questions shall be decided by a bare majority and the Chairman shall give a second or casting vote.
  11. These rules shall not be altered except at an Annual General Meeting and notice of any proposed alteration shall be given to the Secretary twenty-one days beforehand. Any approved amendment to the rules will come into effect immediately. The President and the 2 Church Wardens have the right to veto any change of rule that may have an adverse effect on the Society.