Notice Board

The Society is delighted to have been nominated for 14 NODA awards.

Nominations for Noda Region 3 & 12 Awards for 2017

Play On!
Best Female Comedy Performance – Lesley Haworth (Polly Benish)
Best Female Comedy Performance – Amy Prendergast (Diana Lassiter)
Best Male Comedy Performance – Peter Lambert (Saul Watson)
Best Artistic Direction of a Play – Damian Marsh
Best Play
Mack and Mabel
Best Supporting Female in a Musical – Erica Mileham (Lottie Ames)
Thwaites Empire Theatre Award for Best Ensemble – Ensemble Chorus (Mack and Mabel)
Best Staging, Set or Technical – Set/ Technical/ Staging
Best Female Lead in a Musical – Rose Hurley (Mabel Normand)
Best Male Lead in a Musical – Damian Marsh (Mack Sennett)
Best Choreographer – Lindsay Pollard
Best Musical Direction – Chris Andrews
Best Artistic Direction of a Musical – David Hulme
Best Musical

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